PC power shuts off on reboot

  User-340978EC-234D-4D85-BD688B8267EC8CD3 11:38 05 Oct 2008

After a normal shutdown on restart or first boot next day the power shuts off after a few seconds. This frustrates any F10, F8, drive revert or suchlike intervention. Usually after half a dozen attempts spread over some hours it will finally boot normally, but the problem returns after a few days. Suggestions requested.

  ambra4 15:32 05 Oct 2008

Check that the Power Supply, CPU, Case fans in the computer is working when you switch on the computer

The power supply units will over heating and turns off the computer if the fan is not spinning or running slow

Thanks ambra4.
Fans etc. sound normal. I suspected overheating and left it to cool overnight. After getting it working again previously I checked CPU temperature after prolonged use and found it normal. After switching on it runs normally for a short time but never gets as far as starting Windows XP. If I get a chance to opt for last good configuration or suchlike the power still shuts off.
Agreed it looks like a hardware problem. Today it has resisted all efforts to get it going.

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