PC power Problems, power supply is working fine

  mpage81073 08:14 27 Jan 2009

Hello and thanks for any help that can be given,
I have developed a problem where my compute won't turn on most of the time. About a month ago my computer shut off on its own, and when I went to turn if back on it would not start, so I tried a different power supply it worked, so before I removed the first power supply I tried it again and it worked, so I left original power supply in computer. Then about three days later computer got shut off accidently got turned off when cat turned off surge protecter on me, (I know shouldn't have had it in a place that the cat could have been anywhere near it) went to turn it back on and of course wouldn't start up. I again tried othe power supply and this time no luck, so wouldn't start, I removed and reinstalled all wired, and still nothing, was about to give up, when I hit on/off switch one more time and it finally turned on. Computer stayed working until yesterday when the power went out on us, and of course I cannot get the computer to turn on. I know that both power supplies that I am using work because I tired them and they both worked on this computer I am using to type this. I also know that the motherboard is getting power because when I was resitting the video card a LED turned on telling me not to remove card because there was still power going to motherboard. No matter what hitting the on/off switch won't turn any part of the computer to function. What could be the problem? Any ideas.
motherboard gigabyte GA-8IPE1000
865PE chipset
if any questions just ask!!!!

  crosstrainer 08:21 27 Jan 2009

You could have a faulty surge protector, worth trying a number of boots without it (connect direct to the mains)

What is the wattage of your PSU, and what graphics, optical and hdd drives have you connected to the machine?

  mpage81073 08:31 27 Jan 2009

I had checked already checked by plugging directly into wall. The power supply is 500W,also used a 350W as backup, have a 256mb 5200fx nvidia video card, hac=ve a 3.5 in floppy, dvddrive, and a cd-rw drives, and the hard drive is a 80GB Western Digital, can get model number in needed. Hope this helps!!!

  crosstrainer 08:36 27 Jan 2009

500W should be ample for your system. Things to try:

Replace the mains cable that plugs into your PC with a new one (wires could be broken inside)

Open the case, unplug all connections one at a time and check for dust etc. Clean as required and replace.

  mpage81073 10:12 27 Jan 2009

I cleaned out all connections and that fixed problem THANKS!!!!
Just my luck though, was using air compressor to blow out computer and exactly broke one of the fan blades on my cpu fan. Guess that means it was about time to replace fan if the blade was that weak, but at least computer starts again.

  crosstrainer 10:19 27 Jan 2009

Must have been brittle, unless you were using a garage air hose? :)) Be sure not to use the PC until you replace the fan!

  mpage81073 11:45 27 Jan 2009

Yep, was using garage hose have used it before, and no problems, must have gotten air vent closer to the cpu fan this time. I know not to use until fan replaced, but glad you said something anyways! I already ordered a new fan, hopefully have it by friday, plus the one I ordered is supposed to be about 8-10 decibels quieter so maybe a good thing to replace now. THANKS and have a great day.

  crosstrainer 12:34 27 Jan 2009

No problems, but next time, you might want to use a can of compressed air (Maplins etc. sell these for about £5.00) must less drastic than all that PSI :))

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