pc power loss

  [DELETED] 20:11 01 Apr 2005

hello all my pc keeps cut off as in a power trip
then for a while wont turn back on

ive changed psu that was fine it now running in anthoer pc so thats not problem

cpu on case temp is saying about 50c

but if i go in bios at start up ive seen it up to 77c ive been told it should be running about 35 to 45 its an amd athon xp 2000
took fan off and heat sink was cover in dust so i used the best tool i could find what was a hair dryer

all clean now anyone got any ideas and if it was the heat block could i have damged cpu

  [DELETED] 20:46 01 Apr 2005

Unlikely you would have caused immediate cpu damage, but excessive heat can shorten the life of components. The top end temperatures you mentioned are too hot for comfort but well within design limits. You will probably find the BIOS has a shut down temperature set at 70 degrees. This can be usually be adjusted (within reason).

If your CPU cooler is not up to the job, get a better one. Check the overclocking web sites for quality coolers and advice on how to fit them. In general, the more copper the better. A good quality thermal compound (eg arctic silver) can reduce temps by a few degrees on its own.

My CPU runs at 45 - 50 C (near silent system) without any problems. My HSF copes with an Athlon XP 2500 at 2000 rpm (80mm fan) and only cost around a tenner, so you shouldn't need to break the bank.


  [DELETED] 20:48 01 Apr 2005

Sounds like somthing is getting too hot.

Once it gets too hot, the PC wont work till it cools back down.

It's unlikely to be the PSU, as you say it's fine in another pc.

Perhaps the CPU fan/heatsink clogged with Goo/pet hair/dust? Ditto any other fans/heatsinks or parts.

many other possable causes though.

A faulty part may be failing when it gets to a certian temp, but starts working once cooled down again.

I dislike this type of fault. It's hard to diagnose. Even on a PC you have in front of you. Last time, I had a PC the crashed on highly active web pages. It was the GFX card. No fault visible, but a new card fixed it.

Regardless, it sounds temp related. Open up the PC, and give it a good spring clean.

IMHO only.

  [DELETED] 21:06 01 Apr 2005

yeah local shop surgest some sort of artic cooler and appy it to cpu is that what you ment as i dont trust the shop no more than i can eat bricks

  [DELETED] 23:24 01 Apr 2005

Arctic coolers fine and not as pricey as you'd think - this one should be OK for you because of the 80mm fan and 3-speed selector : click here.

Alternatively something like this should do the job just fine and be nice and quiet -
click here


  [DELETED] 19:37 04 Apr 2005

problems is i can never get it off the board scared of damage its very tight

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