PC Power Cycling On and Off

  Joel McNair 02:02 28 Sep 2016

I recently built a new PC and immediately ran into the problem where it would cycle on and off. Essentially, I plug it in, it turns on, then after about 5-10 seconds it turns itself off. It then tries to continue to turn itself on and off until I press the switch to shut power off to the power supply.

Originally, I thought it might be a problem with my motherboard. I accidentally did not use standoffs when I first powered it up, so I figured I must have created a short in my motherboard, and research on the internet agreed. So I ordered another mother board which arrived today. I plugged it in with bare minimum attached to it running it on a piece of cardboard. Exact. Same. Problem. Cycles on and off.

So I figure that it would be a power supply problem. Normally it goes against my better nature to shop at Best Buy, but I am fairly frustrated at this point so I decided to do it anyway. I even decided to upgrade from the Corsair CS 550 to the 750 because whatever, I'm an impulse buyer. So I get home and plug it in, once again run it with the new motherboard on a piece of cardboard. And guess what. Same thing happens. It cycles on and off once again.

So I have no idea what this might be. I would assume its something wrong with the case power button (which doesn't really make much sense) or the computer cant draw enough power from the apartment I live in (which also doesn't make much sense as I have other things which require at least 110V and run fine). At this point I'm a bit pissed off and very confused. Any ideas?

  xania 15:51 28 Sep 2016

Could it be your CPU is overheating. Check to make sure that you removed the paste protection from the heat sinc.

  Joel McNair 23:55 28 Sep 2016

I have indeed done this, but there is no way the thing is overheating. The thing turns on for less then ten seconds before it turns back off. There literally is no time for anything to overheat.

  xania 10:44 29 Sep 2016

Ten seconds is more than enough time for a CPU to overheat.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:43 29 Sep 2016


lack of heat sink paste or cpu fan not running will cause machine to power off within seconds.

  Deon3366 16:56 29 Sep 2016

Start from scratch... Maybe faulty wall socket Disconnect and reconnect all cables ensuring proper connection. Check that the cpu is seated and secured also the ram. Check all jumpers are correct. Run bare minimum, just mb and had.

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