Pc Point of Sale System

  She1 17:32 03 Jun 2006

I have just bought a PC based Point of Sale System with a removable laptop hard disk from Ebay. (Javelin Viper)
The adapter for the hard drive is missing so I can not install an operating system. This unit is only 133mhz and I have been told that a 6gig drive or lower is the best. Is there any way I can connect an external hard drive to this machine to put an operting system on it and the POS software? Or connect another pc to it to operate it?
It has USB ports, floppy drive and printer port.

  DieSse 20:18 03 Jun 2006

*The adapter for the hard drive is missing*

What adapter?

Please explain more whwhat you are trying to do - does it work as a POS system? - why do you want to connect an external drive? - to do what? - connect another PC to where to do what?

  She1 21:31 03 Jun 2006

This is a pos system with a removable hard drive (Laptop 2.5" drive fits) I took it down to the local pc shop who told me there should be an adapter/cradle for the drive to fit in, to slide into machine. The connections are not compatible without it.
I need to have a hard drive as it operates on Windows so I can install the POS software, if that make sense

  She1 21:32 03 Jun 2006

Sorry should have mentioned no hard drive came with it, although it boots like a normal pc then looks for the hard drive

  woodchip 21:46 03 Jun 2006

A USB floppy drive caddy does not need a mains adapter

  woodchip 21:48 03 Jun 2006

Can you post a Model number or something we can refer to

  She1 22:11 03 Jun 2006

It is a Javelin Viper, if you type that in in Google you'll understand what I mean. This operates like a Pc but has a touch screen for POS sales etc and need a hard drive which is missing. But takes a standard laptop drive of 6gig. My laptop drive will not slide into the space where it goes because it needs some sort of cradle (I think) for the drive to fit in then slide into the machine.
I appreciate your time and efforts, thanks

  woodchip 22:32 03 Jun 2006

Right I now know what you mean. It a removable drive not a External USB drive. That does make a difference. Have you tried the seller about this?

  jolorna 22:36 03 Jun 2006

why don't you just email the company about it, they have a contact email address

  DieSse 22:41 03 Jun 2006

If you don't have a manual find one here click here

The BIOS shown in the manual doesn't support booting from USB - so it's going to be essential that you have a hard drive fitted.

What is there where the drive should be? - just a hole? Or is just the front panel missing. If it's the whole cradle missing then your only hope is to find one, or have one "bodged up" somehow, I think.

I'll have a look around on the web for one.

  DieSse 23:18 03 Jun 2006

TRy the manufacturers support email [email protected]

and try here click here

complete parts list click here

You can see on the parts list above, that the drive needs a few parts attached to it, to fit into a cradle that should still be fixed inside the unit.

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