PC Pitstop score comparing

  Bally 2k4 18:07 20 Feb 2004

I am a new user and used a pcpitstop full test to examine my pc and it cam eup with a 1305. Is that good and could you post your scores here if you have done it so i cam compare it.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:12 20 Feb 2004

It may be best to try this scoring on the PCPitstop forum... the users there have a good idea of what it is all about. From what I can remember, mine scored about 800 or so some time back.

  spuds 18:45 20 Feb 2004

My last score was 864 with plenty of status winner flags!.

  bloo meeny 22:36 20 Feb 2004

My PC scored 257 - not a misprint :o)

7 checkered flags and 1 yellow (c drive needs a defrag !!)

  gudgulf 23:13 20 Feb 2004

I Had not used this before, but out of curiosity run it on my home built pc ---got 1308.No problems noted.I checked this against "similar" spec machines on the pcpitstop website and found my score for the various components on the low side--so this is clearly a site used by overclockers to check their results.

  Bally 2k4 10:56 21 Feb 2004

Thanks, the problem it had with mine was that my d drive was small- it was not created by me as it has all th recoery stuff on it- so i cant chage that and there waas something wrong with service pack 1?

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