PC Performance Monitor

  Oxygenate 00:16 07 Feb 2009

I have downloaded this program. But how do i activate it? How do I get from para 2 to para 3 of your 'How To' guide?

  MAT ALAN 11:16 07 Feb 2009

You don't need to activate it, as such, just follow the instructions and after the alloted time you will be able to see the first results...

click here

  CFC23 13:20 07 Feb 2009

click here

Still no luck on my machine!!

  MAT ALAN 13:38 07 Feb 2009

CFC23, Not going too well then, sorry mt friend i'm at a complete loss, stupid question but have you got settings on weekly or daily..

  Oxygenate 17:28 07 Feb 2009

Thanks Mat but your instructions say wait an hour at least for the program to gather evidence. I was switched on for 5 continuous hours yesterday and for three hours in another session. On this session I've been working not quite an hour so am holding my breath.

You remarked to CFC23 abouth settings - daily or or weekly. Are these setting in your program?

Better pass me the Dunce's hat.

  MAT ALAN 19:33 07 Feb 2009

They should show initially in both settings

click here

canyou post alink to the page you are looking at this is mine...

  MAT ALAN 19:33 07 Feb 2009

OR NOT sorry!!!

  Oxygenate 00:06 08 Feb 2009

Sorry, Mat, can't follow you!

Could my problem be in the downloa? I downloaded and 'executed' the program. Is there anything else I should have done?

  CFC23 10:36 08 Feb 2009

Sorry to jump in on this post, but I am relieved to find someone else that can't get it to work!

Clicking on settings does nothing,I guess it won't until it has picked up some data,and as reported previously this is not happening.

  MAT ALAN 12:15 08 Feb 2009

The only suggestion i can come up with now is that you may have some other monitoring software installed that is causing conflict, Our software editor may be able to shed some light on it, he will surely know if there are any conflicts with other progs, might be worth emailing him i am sure the info will go towards making the prog sustainable on all systems...

he can be found under marketing from the contact link at bottom of page (Richard Clooke)

would be a shame just to give up, its such a simple little prog...

  Oxygenate 14:50 08 Feb 2009

Thanks, I'll try him.

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