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  mykul 13:54 03 Feb 2006

I'm trying to connect my laptop to my dads PC for a big file transfer. I've got my network cross-over cable and I've been looking at posts about people with XP probs. I think I'm OK with the I.P. addresses and all that. My issue is the Workgroup. My laptop is a works one and it doesn't have a workgroup name, it has the domain option checked. I had a play a few days ago in changing this to a named workgroup. It was fine but asked for my password. I entered it. The trouble was, when I locked the computer while i went for a coffee it wouldn't let me log back on to the computer. Reboot made it worse - lost all the domain options. Had to go back to the I.T guy at work who gave me a load of why-the-hell-were-you-messing looks!
I'm kind of worrried about changing from domain to workgroup. When I reboot, I won't be allowed back in!

This make sense?? Any ideas??

many thanks in advance!!

  keewaa 11:14 05 Feb 2006

You need to think of a valid reason for doing this that the IT guy will accept, and then ask him to do it, as we don't know what is set up for your work access and will probably mess it up.

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