PC only boots once a day, cant restart or it dies

  Lee A Murtagh 22:19 04 Apr 2017

Hi all, I could use to help with a PC problem. I recently upgraded several PC parts including motherboard and processor, graphics card, and power unit (550w)

Since then I have not had my PC working properly. It only boots once a day, and if I try to restart to do installs then it closes down as norm, but when it starts back up there is no power to keyboard, screen goes to standby and I have to force a shutdown and wait a day to try it again. When I'm trying to start it up all fans are spinning, the light on the graphics card is on, but nothing on the screen or keyboard.

I get the impression I have a power issue.

The only error message I get is a CMOS problem, then I f2 and start as normal. I have tried a CMOS reset but I cant do a full reset because of the no restart issue. I have changed the battery to a new one twice and still same problems.

Its on now but I know if I turn it off or restart I wont be able to use for at least 24 hours, sometimes more.

Any ideas?


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