PC Occasionally goes off!!

  martin p 08:53 29 Oct 2008

My brother-in-law, has had his old PC rebuilt to his spec.
But now occasionally it just goes dead, and after a while he can press the start button, and all is well.?
Is it fair to assume, that the power supply was not upgraded, leading to the additional strain on the old one ?
Your help and views, please.
Regards Martin P

  johndrew 09:52 29 Oct 2008

It could be the PSU is not up to the job, but without knowing exactly what he has (case/CPU/graphics/sound cards/drives and PSU) makes the job of suggesting/confirming this as the cause almost impossible.

It could also be that his spec failed to take consideration of the extra heat being produced and the PC is over heating. Equally if all the dust/fluff from previous use was not removed.

  martin p 11:24 29 Oct 2008

Thank u johndrew, over the weekend i will look at (a) the dust that might be in the case etc.
(b) what the rating of the power supply is etc.

  Condom 12:58 29 Oct 2008

From what you describe it is probably what johndrew has suggested with my money being on an overheating problem. With the side off (or if it is that old the top) you should carefully check all fans are working properly before doing anything else.

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