PC not turning on

  gcook 18:36 22 Jan 2009

PC Not turning on

My PC (specs below) is not turning itself on. I checked the obvious things such as loose cables and fuses but no luck. The power light on the motherboard is coming on but the PC, fans, hard drives etc is not turning on. I have checked the switch on the front of the PC and it is going to short circuit (when unplugged so nothing shorted) when pressed.

The PC is 8 years old. Could it be the PSU? I thought not as the light on the motherboard is on but someone with more PC knowledge than me thought it could be? Any advice what I should check next?

If you need any more information then just ask.

Asus P4B533V motherboard
PSU 250W
Pentium 4 2.4Ghz

Thanks in advance.

  MAJ 18:56 22 Jan 2009

Yes it could be a faulty PSU, try a known to be working PSU in place of the possible faulty unit. They are fairly simple to swop.

  gcook 19:10 22 Jan 2009


Thanks for the reply.

Could you explain to me why the light is coming on on the motherboard? I'm not doubting you I'm just curious why the light comes on if the PSU may be faulty.

I will try and pick up a new PSU over the weekend and give it a try.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 22 Jan 2009

Very little power required to light motherboard

More power required to power cards and drives.

My guess is 12V rail died 5V rail Ok

  gcook 19:17 22 Jan 2009

Ah ok, that makes sense, thanks MAJ and Fruit Bat, I will give a new PSU a try.

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