PC not switching on

  shazadkashmir 10:27 14 Jul 2008

Hi everyone

I powered up my pc yesterday, and it wouldnt switch on. Now before everyone asks me about the obvious things, about the power leads and plugs being switched on and the cables being in the right place, all of that is a yes. When I push the On button, nothing is happening, howeveer the rest of the components seem to have power .e.g theres a flashing light on the back of the ethernet cable and the monitors on including the printer, i have tried many different power leads now, and have reconnected the wires several times. What could be wrong, help please, very much appreciated

  Pamy 10:45 14 Jul 2008

Before switching on, just reseat all your cards and memory, then try again.

  shazadkashmir 10:52 14 Jul 2008

That hasnt helped...

  Pamy 11:00 14 Jul 2008

Do all the other components have or seam to have power before you press the button? Could be a power supply problem

  shazadkashmir 11:03 14 Jul 2008

yeah all the other components have power, so it cant be a power supply problem,

  Pamy 11:07 14 Jul 2008

It could still be a power supply problem. 5V and 12v rails, Switching etc. Could you try another on/off switch

  shazadkashmir 11:31 14 Jul 2008

ive got one switch at the front, and a main power switch at the back of the pc. When i switch on the main switch, the other components have power but not the pc, it doesnt come on. Could it be a mother board problem as well?

  Pamy 11:40 14 Jul 2008

It may well be, but I would still think it is a power supply problem. I cannot suggest any further tests ( other than another power supply borrowed from some one to try). Lets hope that the real Techies on this forum can help more than I.

  Les28 11:54 14 Jul 2008

perhaps worth checking the ram as one possible cause, if you have more than one stick of ram try booting with only one stick of ram on the motherboard, if that doesn't work try booting with just the other stick or sticks but only one at any time, happened to me one time power was on everything but one of my two sticks of ram had failed so it just failed to pass the POST test and boot.

  shazadkashmir 12:13 14 Jul 2008

Yeah les, its not switching on at all, so i cant check anything like that.

  xania 12:34 14 Jul 2008

My favourite would be the Power Supply fuse, but you can check this out. If the power supply is still working, and there is no problem with the on/off switch then you would expect to see at least a power on light on the front of the PC. If this light is on, you need to look elsewhere but without this light I would assume a less expensive problem. You can also check the frint switch - this works through a dual cable to two pins on the motherboard - you can find out which ones by checking your mobo manual. If you disconnect those wires, you can now short these contacts with a screw driver blade (take care not to touch anything else). If the PC comes to life, your problem is this switch or the wires. If stil nothing, I would look to replace the power supply.

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