PC not starting...Please help!

  nick_j007 19:02 24 Jan 2011

Ok where to start.

My Dell Dimension 9150 running XP home has been temperamental on start up for some time, I've been running the gauntlet and burying my head in the sands re the issue for a couple of months. In fact to avoid it it's been running 24/7.

Before Christmas I replaced the PSU with a Corsair 400w unit, but alas no improvement.

This may or may not help you direct me, but weirdly I could start it by repeatedly pressing the front start button on the tower (this is currently flashing steadily on amber) and removing and inserting the rear power plug simultaneously. A bizarre routine, but it would start it.

I turned it off last night not thinking about the start up the next day, to find that despite all efforts today it won't start at all. Thankfully I have a small laptop, but the Dimension is my work machine. I'm self employed, so this does present quite a concern and frustration.

I need to get on this right away. Any advice would be most welcome. Ask me anything you need.


  rawprawn 19:27 24 Jan 2011

Have you checked all the motherboard,and HDD connections?

  nick_j007 19:42 24 Jan 2011

Thanks. Yes, I've pressed and prodded everything available to the reach of my hand.

  GaT7 19:49 24 Jan 2011

Try the troubleshooting tips in the service manual click here, especially paying attention to the diagnostic lights & beep codes. G

  woodchip 20:05 24 Jan 2011

It still points to a PSU problem, the one you fitted sounds like its not up to the job

  nick_j007 20:07 24 Jan 2011

Thanks Crossbow.

There are no lights on the front to enable a reading/diagnosis.

No beeps to study as it's not starting. I've not been getting beeps anyway upon start up.

Just a steady flashing amber light on front.

All is says is this: # If the power light is blinking amber, the computer is receiving electrical power, but an internal power problem might exist.

* Ensure that the voltage selection switch is set to match the AC power at your location (if applicable).

Voltage selection is not the problem as it was running last night.

  woodchip 20:07 24 Jan 2011

If you have added any other hardware like drives etc different Graphics card. it will may be need more power

  nick_j007 20:19 24 Jan 2011

"It still points to a PSU problem, the one you fitted sounds like its not up to the job"

I see your logic Woodchip, but this was happening with the last (original) PSU, and is now the same with the new one in place. I was told this 400w Corsair would be adequate. Just looked at old PSU, and it is 375w.

Does the fact that it has been running fine (albeit with no power cycles) for a few weeks not negate the PSU?

Btw, a restart via Start button was always fine, but a full power down and up again would provoke the problem. PC used to start up each morning on a timer in BIOS.

Might be unrelated, but PC seemed to be in a bad cycle with update downloads- I turned updates off not long ago.

The PC is running as standard, though I have since added in 2 extra HDD's, a 500gig, and a 1Tb. Also a Belkin USB board in a spare slot.

  nick_j007 21:10 24 Jan 2011

Woop Woop!

A little embarrassing this. I took the tower out of the office and pugged it in using the mains socket on the landing. It sparked up without hesitation.

The PC was previously running off a power panel and not a stand alone power point. This I believe was the source of my problem. I've been forced to pick out this issue tonight due to the non start.

I'll monitor it for a few days and see how it goes now. I now have an extension socket running from the landing into office, so will need to rethink my wiring in here!

As always a top job for help tonight. Thank you all.


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