PC Not Starting, No POST Screen

  Rob Gibson 19:14 13 Jan 2013

Hi All,

On pressing the power button the fans start and the red activity LED on the case flashes for a few seconds, but after that nothing else happens and the monitor remains blank except for a "No Signal" message (monitor generated).

On a normal start up the monitor shows the "Chilllblast" logo momentarily, before going on to the POST screen, etc.

Seems to me that the machine isn't even getting as far as the BIOS.

It is nearly five years old and I was thinking of changing it later this year, so won't want to spend too much on it!

Any suggestions appreciated.


  rdave13 19:18 13 Jan 2013

Try switching off at the "mains". Remove the power plug to your PC and reconnect, making sure you push it in firmly. Switch on the 'mains' and try again. If it still fails it might be the PSU failing.

  Rob Gibson 19:30 13 Jan 2013

Thanks for that, but already done. PSU voltages seem ok too.

  rdave13 19:46 13 Jan 2013

How have you checked the PSU voltages?

It will be one of the connectors to your hard drive/ mobo sockets that's lose or damaged. Motherboard not getting power or, intermittently, is either bad PSU or damaged motherboard.

PSU voltages can be OK unless under load.

  Rob Gibson 07:38 14 Jan 2013


Used a DVM and the voltages look ok as far as I can tell from the leaflet that came with the PSU. Have also tried re-seating the various plugs, etc.

I may be able to substitute the PSU, other than that I'm guessing it's the motherboard.

Thanks for your comments.

  mgmcc 09:12 14 Jan 2013

Is the CMOS battery on the motherboard OK - had the clock been losing time?

  Diemmess 12:03 14 Jan 2013

One more trick to try. Has worked for others with XP and that age.

Power down and remove plug from mains socket....... as with rdave13


Press and hold the power switch for at least 10 seconds. This discharges all associated circuits.

Finally, plug back into the mains socket again, fingers crossed and switch on.

  Chronos the 2nd 13:20 14 Jan 2013

What mobo have you?

  Rob Gibson 08:33 15 Jan 2013

Thanks for all the suggestions.

The clock has been ok, not losing time.

A friend has suggested I swap out the graphics card, but I can't see how this could be the problem. Anyway, I'll give it a go.

Another friend has a PSU I can try too.

Will report back.

  woodchip 10:12 15 Jan 2013

You cannot check a PSU unless it is under load, as you will blow the PSU. You need to Probe the back of the Main PSU plug for Correct Volts when its connected and switched on. These are all low volts no danger in the above

I still think you have a Faulty PSU, if not the CPU is the next to check.

If the Old PSU did blow it can take out CPU and or Motherboard

  Rob Gibson 09:17 06 Mar 2013

Turned out to be the Graphics card!

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