PC not starting and beeping repeatedly - CPU problem?

  shploop 18:02 22 Sep 2013

Hi, recently my CPU fan started to get stuck and not work making my CPU overheat(according to Speedfan software and the pc being slow). today when I tried to open my PC(it was in sleep mode) and first it worked(i saw the desktop and closed some folders) then it crashed and then rebooted and started beeping repeatedly(high pitch beeps) for 20 seconds(with blank screen - not booting anything) then shutting down for 10 seconds and repeated this behavior until I unpluggdd the power cord. I searched for a solution online and found that with my motherboard's Award BIOS the beeping means CPU overheating or damaged.

I pc is 5-6 years old and i plan on replacing my CPU fan on my own and from the looks of it also my CPU. Is there something I can do to confirm that this is indeed the problem? If not where can I find a good guide on replacing a cpu and fan?(i found some guides but would like a recommandation from an expert).

My cpu is intel e8400 and motherboard is gigabyte ep43-ds3l.

  wee eddie 18:20 22 Sep 2013

Replacement fans and pretty cheap and easy to replace.

Don't run without a fan. You'll damage the CPU.

  shploop 18:38 22 Sep 2013

Should i try to replace only the fan and if it's not working the cpu too? Because even when i sbut my pc for a long time to let it cool it still won't start and do the beeping again...

  shploop 18:39 22 Sep 2013

Should i try to replace only the fan and if it's not working the cpu too? Because even when i sbut my pc for a long time to let it cool it still won't start and do the beeping again...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:47 22 Sep 2013

Its probably OK just need cleaning out

Unplug and Open the case

ground yourself

Remove the fan from the heatsink - there will probably be a thick film of fluff between the fan and heatsink.

Clean the fan blades with something like a cocktail stick.

Blow all the dust from the case with a hair dryer on cold (cool).

refit fan and retry.

  shploop 19:44 22 Sep 2013

I think its more complex then that... The fan is about 6 years old and I know fans have some greasing liquid that the shaft sits in and the fan makes grinding noises so i think that liquid is "dried". If i replace the fan without replacing the cpu and it still doesn't help, can I still use it on a new pc.

  shploop 19:47 22 Sep 2013

Meant on a new cpu*(by does this heat conducting liquid comes with a new fan? Or bought in a tube?)

  wee eddie 20:30 22 Sep 2013

You can remove, and replace, the Fan without removing the Radiator.

However, if you remove the radiator from the CPU, or whatever you chose to call it, you will need to purchase a tube of Arctic Silver, or similar, to restore the flow of heat from the CPU to the Radiator.

  shploop 20:50 22 Sep 2013

Is it possible to buy only the fan without the radiator? I only see a complete set of radiator, fan, etc... if cleaning the fan doesn't help how cheap can i go and still get a good fan?(I clean my inside my pc case once in aa while with compressed air so it's generally clean so cleaning might not be the problem)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:12 22 Sep 2013

cleaning might not be the problem

you cannot get at the fluff dust that forms between the fan and heatsink without removing the fan.

Quite often you can lubricate the fan by lifting the sticker on the top and apply one drop of very light oil to the small hole you will find there.

  bumpkin 21:18 22 Sep 2013

Unclip the fan from the heatsink then with the heatsink still in situ clean it as FruitBat says. Establish whether the fan is working properly or not and then either re-fit it or replace it. Most PCs will shut down before frying the CPU so that is your cheapest option. If you have to replace the CPU with an equivalent one then you should be able to re-use the existing heatsink and fan but do not omit the thermal paste (wee eddie) post.

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