PC Not Starting After a CPU&GPU Upgrade.

  lj148 16:06 10 Apr 2015

Iv'e got a custom built mid-spec gaming computer. I took it upon myself to upgrade the system from an Athlon x4 640 & HD6570 to an FX6300 & Radeon HD 7770/R7 250x.

After I installed the GPU, it came to my attention that in order to install the CPU heatsink and fan on my motherboard, a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3, I had to actually remove my motherboard to attach a sort of bracket underneath it.

I took a few pictures of where all the wires and such were, so that I could put them all back correctly. I then carefully removed the motherboard and fitted the processor and heat-sink, put it and all it's wires back in place, and attempted to boot the system.

The computer didn't start. It didn't boot at all - no fans, bleep codes, nothing. Because of this, put back the original pieces of hardware to make sure that the new ones weren't causing the system to not turn on and the computer still didn't turn on.

Iv'e tried almost everything, and I'm in desperate need of help.

Full system specs are;

Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Motherboard. AMD FX6300 3.5ghz. 8GB Vengeance RAM, 1600mhz. AMD Sapphire R7 250X, 1GB GDDR5. Windows 8.1 Pro. CiT Vantage Gaming Case.

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