PC not starting up!

  malarky 18:21 27 Aug 2003

My sons' PC will not start up. I have checked mains power to it, checked the front panel switch is operational and I've even tried plugging another power supply unit in to bypass the original. Am I right in thinking that the +5V SB should be +5 Volts anytime it is connected to the mains supply (I checked this with the power connector disconnected from the Motherboard. I would be gratefull for any help on this matter. The PC is unbranded with a Gigabyte GA-6WFZ7 Micro ATX MoBo.

  harry_b 20:19 27 Aug 2003

the power supply must have a load on it to test the output which for the 5 volt normally runs around 4.75, you must test the board with a "known good" psu, remove all pci cards, vga, memory, and see if it posts, if not then its likely to be the m/b or cpu at fault.

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