PC not reading CD-ROM drive

  yogibear 20:52 18 Aug 2003

I have tried to transfer some software from my PC to my sons, but his PC keeps giving the message 'drive not ready'.
Tried other software and it loads ok, but on the discs I made...the drive light flickers and the drive 'click', then the above message and 'retry-cancel'.
Had this some years ago but cannot recall how to solve it.

  broggs 20:59 18 Aug 2003

Are you using cdrw or cdr as I had the same problems with an old drive.

  yogibear 21:11 18 Aug 2003

As I recall, it read CD-RW, but not CD-R. That said, it is a relatively new drive (18 month old).

  LAMINA 21:27 18 Aug 2003

what software are you using for copying ?
have you done it with "in cd" or "direct cd"?
is the disk damaged? can your own pc read it ok?

  yogibear 15:30 20 Aug 2003

I use Easy CD and it's usually fine. Tried copying non-working discs onto CD-RW and the software transferred no probs.
Technology eh?

  Bodi 16:26 20 Aug 2003

Just an idea - you probably have, but did you "close" the CD's before using them on the other computer?


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