PC not posting living nightmare

  EzPz Joystiq 19:43 27 Jul 2018

Ok, I am having an absolute nightmare with my wifes PC, I built it a couple years ago and it has worked perfectly until the last couple week, It would start shutting itself down whilst she was gaming/watching video/scrolling through twitter, even when It was sitting idle.

During one of these times, I opened up the pc, made sure everything was connected properly ans turned it back on, it came back on and started an update and during this update it crashed again, the next time I managed to get the PC to turn on it gave me a "corrupted bios" message, after the next crash it never turned back on, well it would turn on however the screen was black, (just like it done every time it would crash and I would unsuccesfully get it to turn back on).

At this point I thought it was motherboard problem and ordered a new motherboard (same make and model as before a Gigabyte 970A-DS3P AMD 970) it arrived and I installed it, it went smoothly and the PC turned back on no problem and worked perfectly for 1 day, and since then it is doing the exact same thing as before, windows crashes and it site with a black screen whilst the PC runs.

This is driving me crazy and makes zero sense to my uneducated brain, hopefully someone out there has came across something similar and can help me out. the CPU is a FX 8350, the GPU is an MSI GTX 970, if anyone stops to help and needs anymore information, let me know, thanks for any help.

  wee eddie 20:06 27 Jul 2018

This is summer. There is only one problem with graphics cards which have the heat exchanger closed in. you cannot see if the airflow is impeded by a fine fluff.

You will need to take the cover off to get inside

  rdave13 21:33 27 Jul 2018

At a guess it could be a failing PSU. A black screen with a fan running is quite possible. Can you borrow one to try?

  EzPz Joystiq 00:44 28 Jul 2018

Yes I have the PSU from my PC that I could take out and try, as for dust, It gets cleaned out every 4 weeks (ish) at the moment you could eat your dinner off of it, however looking at "wee Eddie's" reply, I have never taken the plastic shell off of the GPU, so maybe there is dust under it that I havent cleaned? I will try the PSU change tomorrow morning, cheers for the replies.

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