PC not going into XP

  riftzone 15:04 24 Oct 2003

My XP Pro PC refuses to boot in to XP it gets so far and then stops, the hard disk light stays lit, I've tried to go in using safe mode but it just gets stuck, it gets as far as system file mup.sys . Has my hard disk died, or can it be recovered from the XP install CD ?

This PC was working fine this morning but died while doing a windows update from the web site.


  AndySD 15:33 24 Oct 2003

As long as you have the xp cd and not a recovery cd then a Repair install is the quickest method click here but you will need to reinstall any windows updates from scratch afterwards.

  Forum Editor 15:42 24 Oct 2003

If you do, try removing it in Device manager, and see if the machine boots.

If it does (and I think it will) you'll need to find an updated driver for the card. Sometimes USB card drivers can cause conflicts with network cards, and cause the symptom you're experiencing.

  howard60 17:39 24 Oct 2003

any usb devices plugged in to your usb sockets take the plugs out this can stop the pc loading windows. Never found out why but 1 of my pcs would not boot with any usb cables attached.

  AndySD 17:45 24 Oct 2003

Start the computer with the boot disks or Windows CDROM
After the Welcome to Setup dialog box appears, press R to repair, and then press C to start Recovery console.
Choose install Windows and log on as Administrator.

At the command prompt type "disable Mup.sys"

"MUP stands for "Multiple UNC Provider" which assists Windows in locating resources when more than one redirector is on a machine such as "Microsoft Client for Microsoft Networks" and the "Novell Client for Novell Netware". When a connection to a server is requested it does not know if the request is to a Novell server or an NT server. It will start looking for the server with the primary protocol on the primary requestor and then continue looking for the server on each protocol bound to each redirector until the server is found."

Restart the computer and all should be well.

  riftzone 19:30 24 Oct 2003

I'll try the suggestions above tomorrow, thanks for the help so far.

  riftzone 15:44 25 Oct 2003

I've tried to get the PC to the system repair stage but it just hangs after loading all the files required to set-up XP, saying "starting windows"..has my hard disk got a problem ?

  AndySD 13:37 26 Oct 2003

It may have. Try going into the Recovery Console click here and use the command

chkdsk C /p

  riftzone 19:57 26 Oct 2003

Thanks for the latest information, I'll try it on Tuesday.

  riftzone 16:51 30 Oct 2003

I've tried going into the recovery console but I'm unable to enter anything at this stage as the keyboard appears to fail at this point, no keys work.

I've managed to install W98 without any problems, but would like XP pro back on the system, any idea's..

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