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PC not firing up to start properly

  wildhouse 22:43 11 Sep 2015

I have started having problems with my 4 year old Dell Inspiron 620. I am finding more and more than when I turn it on, it sounds like it is firing up ready to start, but then it goes quiet and does sounds like it is resting and I just have a blank screen (although I can see the mouse icon) - often it gets to where I can see Welcome as Windows 7 tries to initiate, then nothing. I have looked at the event viewer having re-started in Safe Mode but it doesn't mean anything to me. Any suggestions/help appreciated (it is 54 bit and I upgraded earlier this year to 6GB RAM from 4GB (it didn't make any difference to the slowness of the PC)

  wildhouse 23:05 11 Sep 2015

Well, I do have a problem with hideous noise coming from my PC (something touching something else in there) so I do move it around a bit to stop the noise, so will check that. Thanks.

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