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Pc not displaying everything and/or shutting off

  DasPizza 21:12 16 Sep 2019

So I've been having problems with my pc for a while, it would shut off seemingly at random, probably due to overheating or bad power supply, not sure though. I tried to adapt and stopped using chrome while playing games, monitored the temperature using coretemp. It would then still sometimes shut off, no matter if i was playing a less demanding game or not, i sometimes could still run warframe and chrome at the same time only for it to then shut down while playing other less demanding games without anything in the background. So i came to the conclusion that cpu usage/overheating/power supply should be out of the question. 3 days ago my pc completely gave up, it turned off seemingly random, as per usual, but on bootup it would not display anything. Black monitor. It then shut itself off after a while, i then retried a couple of times, sometimes it would be so kind to show me the bootup-screen(idk what that is actually called, sorry) and savemode/startup-help or whatever worked completely fine, tried the autorepair mode as i felt like that was the only thing worth trying, didn't change anything. I also got the error message "hyper transport syncflood error occured", googling that hasn't helped at all since that can apparently have more than just 1 cause, according to the little forumposts i could find. My pc will still sometimes let me see the systemstartrepair thingy but that doesn't change anything, it also shows the screen in a kind of distortion,it's hard for me to describe, i'd rather just send a picture but i am having trouble doing that on my phone and i just want to get the core problem described i guess. Thanks in advance to anyone helpful enough to even read through this mess, I apologize for any spelling mistakes/typos as i'm writing this on my phone and probably fatfingered some letters here and there. For specs i can only tell you that i've got an nvidia gtx770 and some piece of shit amd phenomx II of some sort, all i know is that it's old as shit since it doesn't even allow me to play poe on the most simple settings that game offers and I can't look it up on my pc since well.. yeah

  DasPizza 21:14 16 Sep 2019

Forgot to mentuon that i use windows7

  wee eddie 07:39 17 Sep 2019

Free possible solution: You say that it is old. So, when did you last clean the dust and fluff out of the inside and when you did, did you take the cover off the Graphics Card and clean between its Heat Sink's fins?

Contentious point: I find Software based Temperature Monitors unreliable, at the best and useless in general

  DasPizza 16:10 17 Sep 2019

I cleaned it every few months, dust shouldn't be the problem

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