PC Not Displaying Anything on the Screen

  miah9303 11:21 06 Jun 2018

Can someone please help. My PC for some reason has stopped working. When I press the power button on my tower I can hear the fans starting to run but nothing appears on the monitor, not even the bios screen. I have tried using a different GPU and a different monitor but to no avail. Before this happened the Pc used to do this occasionally but after turning it off and on again it would work. Help would be appreciated.

  wee eddie 11:33 06 Jun 2018

Do you get a POST Beep?

What about the Power Supply? A failing Supply frequently gives enough to run the fans but not the Graphics Card.

Have you tried it using the On-Board Graphics

  miah9303 12:24 06 Jun 2018

Thanks but I forgot to mention, I have tried that.

  wee eddie 12:29 06 Jun 2018

item 1, 2 or 3?

I would strongly suspect a failing PSU

  miah9303 13:19 06 Jun 2018

Hi, yes I have tried using another power supply and have also tested the new power supply using a power supply tester. I have also tried using the internal graphics card.

  miah9303 13:23 06 Jun 2018

No I do not get any bleeps.

  wee eddie 13:52 06 Jun 2018

Check that your RAM sticks have not come loose. Take 'em out and put them back.

Worth a watch

  miah9303 15:31 06 Jun 2018

Thanks wee eddie. I will try that out.

  miah9303 09:09 27 Jun 2018

I have not had the chance to try out those suggestions but will will update the post when I do so others can also benefit from it.

  miah9303 01:19 16 Sep 2018

Problem solved! I have finally got the problem resolved. It was in fact the psu but for some reason when I tried it with a different psu before it didnt make any difference. Thanks anyway guys.

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