pc not detecting keyboard and mouse

  Rossyc 17:17 20 Feb 2011

just built a custom pc, uploaded windows 7 to it with no problems with the keyboard and mouse working

turnt the pc off disconnected the keyboard, mouse and power supply to tidy all the cables inside the pc

now i turn it on it comes to the password screen and its not picking up my keyboard and mouse so i cant do anything,

anybody got some suggestions?

  howard64 17:19 20 Feb 2011

reboot a few times and make sure that the cables are in the correct holes.

  chub_tor 18:04 20 Feb 2011

Are they USB or PS2 connections?

  chub_tor 18:24 20 Feb 2011

Just a thought if they are PS2, during the cable tidy up you haven't swapped them into the wrong connector have you?

  Rossyc 16:57 21 Feb 2011

They are ps2 but when I boot the Pc if I've turnt it off by the power I'll press enter on the keyboard to "Start windows normally" and when it gets to the password screen keyboard and mouse don't work

  Rossyc 17:06 21 Feb 2011

The mouse works up until the music of windows comes up, any other suggestions I've rebooted it multiple times now

  Rossyc 17:14 21 Feb 2011

Ok just tried my old usb wireless keyboard and mouse and it works fine. Could it be the ps2 slots or the keyboard and mouse are fked (mouse/keyboard brand new)

  johndrew 17:20 21 Feb 2011

Have you looked in Device Manager to see which Keyboard/mouse is selected? You could also try deleting what is there and allow Windows to find them again.

  chub_tor 17:25 21 Feb 2011

If neither device is working here is what I would do. Borrow a USB mouse, unplug the PS2 mouse but leave the keyboard in. Boot to Windows. Use the USB mouse to get to Device Manager, scroll down to the keyboard, right click and delete it. Reboot and let Windows find it agaain and see if the keyboard now works. If it does then switch off, unplug the USB mouse, plug in the PS2 mouse, boot into Windows and type devmgmt.msc into the Run box to open Device Manager, scroll down using the keyboard and delete the PS2 mouse, reboot and see if the mouse now works.

  chub_tor 17:36 21 Feb 2011

I type too slowly, if you have a working USB setup then it is easy to delete each of the PS2 ones one at time and let Windows rebuild them. PS2 ports are not hot swappable so if you have plugged or unplugged them while the machine is booted up you could have damaged the ports.

  Rossyc 18:10 21 Feb 2011

Could it have something to do with the mouse n keyboard not being compatible with windows 7?

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