PC not connecting to monitor

  revenga02 20:18 14 May 2017


Having packed up my PC about 18 months ago to move home I decided this weekend would be a good one to get it unpacked and jump into a few old games is been meaning to finish off.

I tested the pc when it was packed and seemed to work fine.

I now have a new monitor with both dvi and hdmi connectivity the pc will power up but refuses to connect to the monitor. I have tried removing and cleaning the cards checking connections but nothing.

Can you suggest anything?

The wife's macbook will connect via hdmi

Thanks in advance!

  lotvic 20:40 14 May 2017

What message is displayed on the monitor? Does it say 'No Signal'?

As it connects hdmi ok with macbook - it may be with Windows you have to select the input on the monitor's menu have you chosen the dvi or hdmi input (depending on which cable you have plugged in.

  revenga02 20:48 14 May 2017

Yeah getting a no signal message. I have set the monitor to hdmi pc rather than av... Also tried the dvi with similar results.

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