PC not booting from CD or HDD

  the_234 17:03 29 Jun 2018

I have old assembled desktop computer with a Intel Pentium 2 gen processor, 2 gbs of RAM and 160 GB ide hard disk with support for CD ROM booting. Recently I thought of upgrading it to Linux from windows xp. At a stage of installing Linux I formated hard disk and selected option use entire disk and then Linux started installing but few moments later it just freezed. Then I turned off my PC and tried to boot from CD and all I saw was a black screen and a blinking cursor. I even tried other hard disks even but they neither booted. But sometimes its booting till Ubuntu splash screen while installing and then freezes. BIOS works fine. Need a solution

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:45 29 Jun 2018

Agree with Archie44

with such an old machine, you need a 32bit version of limux. Windows will be gone and the drive formatted in a linux style file system not recognisable by windows.

Set BIOS to boot from CD as first boot device and burn a 32 bit version of linux to a cd and restart the installation.

  the_234 00:28 30 Jun 2018

I even tries 32 bit operating systems. Even plop boot manager did not work. Also note that the internal speaker gives a single beep while booting.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:33 30 Jun 2018

Single beep is good it means BIOS has past POST (power on self tests) no hardware problems.

boot from a live CD and use Gparted to remove all partitions format the hard drive. Then reinstall to hard drive.

  the_234 17:22 30 Jun 2018

I tired 32 bit operating systems too. The same error black screen with blinking cursor.

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