PC Not Booting

  Sir_Galahad 15:15 24 Nov 2007


Am having major probs booting up my PC. Basically it starts for like 3-4 seconds then dies, with no beeps. No software or hardware was installed prior to it having this problem.
Have checked the graphics card & memory in another PC & both work ok. Have also tried another PSU but the problem still remains. Have reset CMOS, cleaned and applied new thermal paste to the CPU, but nothing. Have checked the MB to make sure it's not touching the case & it's not. The whole PC is less than 6 months old & frankly I'm stumped. If anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful.
Motherboard; ASUS M2N32-SLI Premium Vista
CPU: AMD Athlon Dual Core 5600
Graphics Card: ASUS EN8800GTS
Hard Drive: 2x 500GB Seagate HDD
1x 2GB ram

  birdface 15:23 24 Nov 2007

Will it start in safe mode,and try last good configuration.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:24 24 Nov 2007

As you are certain its not PSU / memory / then can only be motherboard or cpu.

at six months old take it back for a repair nder the guarentee.

  birdface 15:30 24 Nov 2007

Googled.Something to look at until someone can help.click here=

  Sir_Galahad 15:30 24 Nov 2007

No, it won't start at all. Fans etc start up then it just dies.
Positive it's not the PSU or memory, I have tried them in another PC & they work fine.
Am just wondering that it could be the MB, surely if there was a problem with the CPU it would at least beep.

  birdface 15:30 24 Nov 2007

Googled.Something to look at until someone can help.click here=

  birdface 15:35 24 Nov 2007

Pc is only 6 months old it will still be covered with the 1 year warranty that you get with it .It may be better to take it or send it back for repair. And sorry about the double posting,IE7 problem.

  Sir_Galahad 15:41 24 Nov 2007

It's a self build, so I have to narrow it down to probable cause. I may just have to bite the bullet & get the MB & CPU tested just to be 100% sure.

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