PC not booting up

  malydee 13:05 07 Jan 2007

Since Tuesday, 2/1/07 I have been getting a blank screen on start up then when I restart my system I have been getting a Phoenix Award BIOS Screen with a list of installed components and a warning message that the system is in safe mode, that I should reset the CPU or memory frequency in the CMOS set up and that I should press F1 to continue or Del to enter set up.
Pressinf Del leaves me with a blank screen and a flashing cursor but no access to the BIOS.
Pressing F1 enters the XP system and the PC started up.
The following information was shown below the warning - 01/09/2006-C19-W83627-6A61EA1AC-13
This message and procedure has been evident since on start up but as I was unable to enter the BIOS there was little I could do to resolve the situation.
On 5/1/07 using the XP recovery console I rolled back to 26/12/06.
The problem still existed and on 6/1/07 I cleared the CMOS memory.
Now the system will not go into the BIOS start up and when I switch off the power the system powers off immediately.
Any help would be appreciated.

  sunny staines 13:21 07 Jan 2007

try re setting the graphics card. It seems to be graphics related, maybe the graphics card has blown.

  Gongoozler 17:48 07 Jan 2007

Hopefully it's as simple as sunny staines suggested, but I suspect it's not.

C19-W83627-6A61EA1AC-13 is the BIOS version.

If you can't get into the BIOS setup, this suggests to me a faulty motherboard.

Do you get a POST beep at startup?

  woodchip 17:51 07 Jan 2007

Yep I conclude a Faulty BIOS chip

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