pc not always responding

  [DELETED] 23:07 26 Jun 2006

Hi, just an annoying thing really, been going on for a little while, for no apparent reason. Sometimes, the pc doesnt always do as I tell it. Sometimes (Like now!) when I go to close it down.....it goes as far as the little red square box that I click for turn off computor....and it does nothing. When I press control;alt;delete....it shows NO tasks in process!..it hasnt even registered. Sometimes if I switch user, it will then let me close down....or I just have to hold the power button in to switch off. There have also been a couple of other instances of non-responsiveness...sometimes on web pages. Anyone any ideas? Using Win XP Home. Recently done scan...didn't need to defrag. Just done regscrub. (Got Mcafee suit installed..just in process of buying update..) is there anything else I can do to check what is up. Just run pcpitstop also, got a relatively clean bill of health... Any ideas?..Alison.

  YAMA 23:15 26 Jun 2006

hello, can you say exactly when the problem started

  YAMA 23:35 26 Jun 2006

well any how it sounds like to me you conflicting interests with programs, ie, ANTI VIRUS, Looks like they are josling to be number one, so go to programe-accesories--system tools-- system restore,--,now try and go back say one or two days befor your problem started, and restore, if it will not, then remove the last program you put in your pc,and go from there and keep trying your restore every time, till your pc is up and running to scratch, ok good luck, just remember if the pc starts to play up , just start going back to where you last started altering your pc, oh have a pen&paper and jot down what you did, long one but good luck,

  [DELETED] 10:00 27 Jun 2006

Hi Yama, sorry for the delay...went to bed shortly after posting....manic day!
Will try what you say....although I only have one AV running....mcafee suite...would this conflict with itself?...any other ideas? Alison

  [DELETED] 10:07 27 Jun 2006

Start menu/run, type eventvwr.msc, look for red or yellow warnings, especially ones consistent with the precise time you have the problem(s). Not all of the warnings are going to be actual problems, but event viewer is a very useful diagnostic. post back anything you're not sure of

  daxian 10:47 27 Jun 2006

if you run the help and support from the start menu then just above "did you know" choose tools,
then in the left pane,advanced system information ,then view error log.
this will give you a list of errors and includes the date they occurred, look down the list for the day or week your problem started.
this will narrow the problem down and be more helpful to sort the problem.
more damage can be avoided by not "holding the power button to switch off" as windows could be trying to save settings and information to the drive....if you can do cntl alt del to check there are no processes running, then use shut down from the menu in task manager... hope this helps Dave.

  [DELETED] 22:59 29 Jun 2006

...had a look under run....eventvwr.msc...and under system and applications there are quite a few yellow and reds....but I dont know what they mean. ...Only today came up also. Haven't got a clue what I am meddling in. Have done a couple of restore points today as well, just to try adn get round this problem. Also, having internet probs now.....signal shows excellent strenght...54mbps....but loads of pages com up with cannot find server(!).....but can get into some pages through favourites...occasionally.... sometimes lets us in..sometimes not...bloody lucky it let me get on to pcadvisor to be honest... feel like I am in a total jam!

  [DELETED] 23:18 29 Jun 2006

You would benefit from matching times in the event viewer with specific times you have problems. As for wireless problems, perhaps your MTU settings need tweaking - post back the make and model of wireless router and someone will undoubtedly know how to instruct you in that area.

  [DELETED] 23:35 29 Jun 2006

..do you mean as in....the little silver inventel box plugged into my usb....or the bit plastic toblerone underneath my table with wanadoo written on it..with the 'fade out/in' light on it?

  [DELETED] 23:39 29 Jun 2006

well either would be helpful
the wanadoo kit is probably a live box right (click here)? like a half opened book? strange if you have a usb modem and a livebox too..

  [DELETED] 00:06 30 Jun 2006

...yup...thats the thingy...the half open book is WANADOO 7BF4.....and the little cigarette lighter plugged in (receiver??) is inventel model UR054g(R01) v1.1 Does this help?
my signal strength says that it is good...(wouldn't know with this flippin' orange(wanadoo))....it feels as though there is problem with the pc realising the signal is there. A software setting ??

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