shreked 21:44 06 Mar 2018


I have a problem where my PC keeps going into windows recovery mode and nothing happens. The only things that I can access on startup is BIOS and the option to change where to look first for PC startup.

Ive tried to change the PC start up to read from a USB rather than hard drive but it will not let me change the startup option from anything else other than a hard drive.

Any Ideas?


  wiganken2 13:07 07 Mar 2018

Before you switch the computer on you must first insert a bootable USB stick into one of the USB ports. When you then switch the computer on and go into the BIOS the BIOS will "see" the USB stick and it should then allow you to change the startup option to USB. Without the USB stick inserted the BIOS will not allow you change the boot option away from the hard drive.

  jackanderson221 10:07 08 Mar 2018

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  wee eddie 10:11 08 Mar 2018

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