Pc noise, sounds like fire engine

  indianajohn 20:15 03 Jul 2006

my pc was switched on earlier and after about hour and half started to make a noise like a fire engine or police car i quickly shut down and then restarted and have had no further problems since the same thing happened a few months ago and i'm begining to wonder if i have a problem somewhere. the pc is 4 yrs old and running xp with all the updates
amd 2.100
windows xp
512 memory
80 gig hard drive

hope some of you guys out there can maybe help me

please excuse my lack of expertise in posting this thread as it's my first time

  beb 20:19 03 Jul 2006

had the same prob a while back , was cooling fan on my graphics card , gave it a good clean out tis suprising how much dust and dirt gets in there .....

  VoG II 20:21 03 Jul 2006

Could be overheating like this similar thread click here

  beb 20:22 03 Jul 2006

or it could one of the other fans if you dont have a fan on your graphics card :)

  indianajohn 20:28 03 Jul 2006

thanks beb and VoG for your quick responses i'll tick this as resolved and have a look tomorrow as i think you have both given me the solution to the prob, and it is very hot in the corner of the room where the pc stands so i think that may be it

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