Pc Noise Problems coming from somewhere in my pc

  Purple Fangz 18:13 04 Feb 2018

Hello guys, Just wondering, im currently running a GTX 980 with an AMD FX 8350 with 16gb of ram. I've been told amd processors are mainly for editing and intel ones are for gaming which i do most often. Anyway, the problem is, ive got a loud annoying buzzing going on somewhere in my PC and im up for any suggestions of where it might be. Im not sure if its the power supply, that of which I dont know of, or the main processor itself, which im kind of hinting towards.

Any suggestions would be great, thanks :D -Ollie

  alanrwood 19:29 04 Feb 2018

It is probably one of the cooling fans on the case or CPU or GPU or in the PSU.

  wee eddie 19:32 04 Feb 2018

Take the side off 》 roll a piece of paper into a funnel shape 》 you are making a stethoscope 》 put the wide end to your ear 》 point the narrow end at each part in turn 》 that should help you pinpoint the problem

  Purple Fangz 19:53 04 Feb 2018

ok thanks guys. Ill try to figure it out :D

  MJS WARLORD 17:22 05 Feb 2018

a clicking noise from your pc is almost certainly a warning that your hard hdd is about to die , back up everything you have on it before it dies.

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