PC no longer works

  Slim Shady 15:42 04 Apr 2005

Apologies in advance if this question has been answered a thousand times, BUT . . .
my PC no longer works. I shut it down normally last Tuesday and when I switched it on Thursday (to do my regualr end-of-month back-up), it beeped at me for about a second then nothing. I have opened it up and checked all the interior connections and all seems well. I have had it since October 2000 so perhaps I'm due a new one but I was just wandering if there was any chance of getting the hard disk working so I can back up my stuff? Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

  mattyc_92 15:47 04 Apr 2005

Have you tried reverting your BIOS settings back to factory settings???? as this may be the problem....

If you hear 2 beeps, then it usually means that there is a "broken" connection/the settings don't match the hardware....

  woodchip 15:48 04 Apr 2005

If you get just one beep that means 5+ volts power good signal. any more than one beep means graphics or memory. What you should do is, take side of computer remove graphics card and reseat it as first thing to do then retry. You should be switched of at wall socket to do the above

  woodchip 15:50 04 Apr 2005

PS when you switch on watch the lights to see if there is any hard drive activity. One of the lights will be flashing

  griffon 56 17:36 04 Apr 2005

Hi Slim Shady,

I know they last a long time and some computers have a type of battery which charges when the machine is in use, but you might consider changing the CMOS battery. I think, though I'm not absolutely certain, that without it the BIOS settings won't load and the machine won't start. If wouldn't hurt anyway. Sudden failures to start can often be traced to power problems, it might be as well to get the various voltages checked out. You don't specifically say but I take it that the hard drive and all the fans start up OK at switch on?

  Slim Shady 12:32 05 Apr 2005

Thanks guys.
Cheers Woodchip, I think I only have on-board or integrated graphics, does that make any odds?
Matty, how do I reset my BIOS settings? I'm not technically minded and don't have a clue about that stuff.
Griffon, yes the hard disk light flashes then dies after the beep but the fan keeps going. Will attempt to purchase a new CMOS battery soon(it is the big silver watch-like thing, yes?). Hope they're not expensive as I'm not Bill Gates :-)
I don't live in the best place for PC problems as there's only one shop that does repairs and I've heard he's not great.

  mattyc_92 13:45 05 Apr 2005

You need to open up the chassis of the system and take out the CMOS battery (the type of battery found in a watch)....

Leave the battery out for a few minutes (around 10minutes)... Some motherboards have "jumpers" to do this, so you may want to look in the manual for your motherboard

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:02 05 Apr 2005

Beep Codes
click here
click here

CMOS Battery
click here

BIOS Settings
click here

  Slim Shady 08:37 08 Apr 2005

Thanks Matty, I did that and nothing changed. I even bought a new battery and that didn't help either. Then a friend of a friend claimed if I got a working PC that he'd be able to "piggy back" my old hard disk to the new one and retrieve my files. Perhaps I should start a new thread for this next bit but my dad's offered me his PC as he never uses it but it's a Time one with SupaNet ISP - I've heard this is an exclusive deal and no other ISP can be used with this machine/modem combo. Anyone know if that's true and if so is there a way round it so I can continue with Wanadoo?

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:57 08 Apr 2005

It is possible to get rid of Supanet and use a different ISP click here

  Yoda Knight 09:08 08 Apr 2005

Does the power supply fan turn on ? And the fan on your CPU ?

If you do change pc, just uninstall SupaNet and install Wanadoo software

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