PC No HDMI Signal i5 6600k b150 m3 500w psu

  Macalacka151 11:42 12 Dec 2016

I recently just finsihed my pc build and got it to turn on. However when I connect it via hdmi either out of the gpu hdmi or the motherboard hdmi my TV says no signal, and yes it is on the right video source.

  Archonar 11:55 12 Dec 2016

When you say you get it to turn on I assume you mean everything is spinning and lights are on etc...

This is often a symptom of a bad motherboard or cpu, but it can be caused by other things. I had the same issue and it was caused by a scratch across my processor which was near impossible to see without looking hard, fortunately it showed up on pictures I took when unboxing the processor so I could prove it was damaged when delivered. Replacing the processor solved the issue. It can also be caused by static damage to the components during the build but as long as you were careful to avoid static then that is unlikely.

Some things to try:

Take everything out and reinstall it, checking the motherboard and cpu particularly for damage. Make sure you plug in the cpu power (easy to forget) and try again. Make sure there aren't any cables touching the motherboard.

Plug the display cable into your motherboard, without the gpu installed and try again.

Remove the CMOS battery (round battery on the motherboard) and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Press the power button on the case repeatedly to remove any charge, then reinstall the battery and boot again.

Remove all usb devices (keyboard & mouse included) and try to boot again.

If none of the above work then try borrowing a cpu and motherboard and see if they work.

  Macalacka151 13:03 12 Dec 2016

I have gotten the monitor to turn on, directly plugged into the MB. However when it comes up it says:

Overcurrent have been detected on your usb device! System will shut down within 15 seconds

  Macalacka151 13:11 12 Dec 2016

The GPU has also been removed completely

  Archonar 13:12 12 Dec 2016

Have you unplugged all of your usb devices when turning it on? Mouse and keyboard included?

  Macalacka151 13:14 12 Dec 2016

Yes, there is nothing plugged into any usb port. I can also get the monitor to recognize the PC with the GPU plugged in.

  Macalacka151 13:17 12 Dec 2016

I have attempted unplugging all USB systems from the MB, I didn't have this problem yesterday when I couldn't even get the monitor to turn on

  Archonar 18:21 12 Dec 2016

Okay so as an update - you now get a message on the screen with the gpu plugged in? But it says that there is an issue with a usb port and it shuts down. So the original issue is solved but the usb one is now the problem?

  bumpkin 18:48 12 Dec 2016

Overcurrent have been detected on your usb device! System will shut down within 15 seconds

Assuming that it does shut down I would check for a damaged port, I had this and not easy to spot.

  Bris 19:08 12 Dec 2016

Make sure that the standoffs that secure the motherboard to the case are in the right position as a wrongly positioned one can cause a short which may be the cause of the USB message you are getting i.e. a short on one of the 5 volt tracks.

Under the circumstances I would remove the motherboard from the case and with nothing other than the motherboard, PSU, CPU, and one memory stick connected try running it up with the monitor connected to the board.

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