The PC with No faults that doesnt work!!!!

  Ripsaw 14:51 16 Mar 2004

Hey, I work for several companies doing light work on their computers to keep them goin, however ive got a slight problem. One computer keeps crashin (not that bad i kno) but its all the time. Ive virus scanned, cleaned the computer, run scan disc countless times, and even run spyware cleaners. Sometimes when the computer has crashed it cant continue bootup after its being restarted, and i have to resort to clearing the BIOS! In a desperate attempt to ressolve the problem i formatted the computer and started again, but the problem still keeps happening. Any ideas please?

  AndySD 14:59 16 Mar 2004

Check the RAM click here

  Ripsaw 15:33 16 Mar 2004

Nope thats working perfectly!

  AndySD 15:53 16 Mar 2004

Have you checked the fans are working (graphics card processor etc) also ckean then with some compressed air.

Are all the drivers up to date incuding the motherboard drivers?

Your comment that you have to resort to clearing the bios may indicate a CMOS battery replacement may be in order. I know it should not matter once the PC is up and running but.......

Also, is it after any particular event? Any particular software cause this?

  Ripsaw 16:01 16 Mar 2004

in answer to the cleaning, already done that, i have carefully monitored the temperatures of all the components too, so it is not overheating. The computer crashes randomly. The only thing that i thought it could be is a faulty hard drive, it seems to fit the profile, however scan disk runs perfectly, and all my diagnostic tools tell me its alright!

  AndySD 16:03 16 Mar 2004

What is the operating system?

  Ripsaw 16:06 16 Mar 2004

was originally windows me (no comments please, lol!) but i changed it for Windows XP - problem occurs on both installations

  AndySD 16:11 16 Mar 2004

Any messages in Admin Tools/Event Manager?

  Gaz 25 16:18 16 Mar 2004

Could be the motherboard. I have had a similar problem recently on a clients sytsem, and it was the motherboard. :-(

  josie mayhem 16:39 16 Mar 2004

Prehaps its not the computer!

How about mains power supply, any drop or minnute cut/loss of power can knock out a computer.

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