PC Nightmare

  shining armour 10:43 04 Aug 2006


I am not in the least bit techy and am having some major problems with my pc so hoping someone can help.

Since moving house and re-setting up my 5 year old pc I have had a number of problems and these are now escalating! I think my pc is on its last legs and I probably need a new one but maybe there are things I can do before I make that decision.

1. My pc won't start up, or begins start up then switches off, or flashes and whirrs continually for several minutes before eventually starting up.

2. When it does boot, I now have nothing whatsoever on my desktop - no icons, no task bar or start up menu so can't access any programs directly and can't get to "run" or "control panel" at all.

3. To get into aol or word for example, I have to control alt delete to get the windows task manager box up and then choose start new task and browse to get aol or any other program. I can't get all programs - pc no longer recognises my digital camera for instance and I can't get desktop back up this way.

4. I cannot view some web pages and those I can view, I can no longer click through to other pages/links from the home page so I can't do any buying on-line or researching information etc. When clicking on a link the page just freezes. Have looked at browser settings but can't see anything obvious that is preventing this all of a sudden but am not that sure what I'm looking for anyway!

Sorry to appear thick with all these questions, if anyone can suggest a solution to any of the problems I would be eternally grateful!

Many thanks.

  Bogbrain 10:54 04 Aug 2006

You don't state which operating system you're using or the spec on your pc. Does it start in safe mode so that perhaps you can isolate the problem from there? If you're not sure what you're doing get a diagnostic disk. You don't appear to mention running anti virus scans or anti spyware scans. Are you aware of these things? Do you run a firewall, if so is it enabled?

  gudgulf 10:54 04 Aug 2006

During the physical moving of the pc it is quite possible that some of the internal connections have worked loose.

Open up the case and make sure all connections are firmly pushed into there sockets.

Particularly.......Ram memory sticks,graphics card(if fitted) all IDE(flat ribbon cables) connections to the hard drive/motherboard and the main power cable from the power supply to the motherboard.

  johnnyrocker 10:56 04 Aug 2006

what operating system do you have? and have you any antispyware on board?


  johnnyrocker 10:57 04 Aug 2006

must type faster;)


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