Pc Next day or Meshcomputers

  hallidaycc 15:04 24 Oct 2006

Hi there, i was wondering if you could help me, i am planning on buying a new PC and i would like to know what is the better deal out of these two PC's.


click here


click here

  Jackcoms 16:23 24 Oct 2006

I suggest you have a look in the Consumerwatch Forum before deciding.

There are some interesting threads about both companies which will be of interest to you.

  iscanut 16:39 24 Oct 2006

If you read the threads as suggested by Jackcomms, you may wish to reconsider..your choice !

  hallidaycc 16:41 24 Oct 2006

aaaaa, this is so frustrating, iv been looking for a decent gaming pc to buy for ages !!!!

  Jackcoms 16:56 24 Oct 2006
  [email protected] 20:44 24 Oct 2006

Do you need a monitor? The PC Nextday one dosen't include a monitor where as the Mesh one does.

Whatever you go for in the end, make sure it has a decent graphics card if you are going to be using it for gaming. The 7600GT seems a good value card on the market at the moment.

  [email protected] 00:12 25 Oct 2006

Mesh every time.

  pc613 10:31 25 Oct 2006

I had a bad experience with mesh sales customer services recently, but my wifes 2 year old mesh desktop has given her no problems at all (fingers crossed I'm not tempting fate)

  Aargh 11:47 25 Oct 2006

Its Evesham all the way for me.

  oldbeefer2 14:33 25 Oct 2006

I'm with you - 100%

  hallidaycc 17:02 25 Oct 2006

going to go with specialist

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