pc motherboard alarm

  User-191E1920-20CB-4300-860DCABFC467F8DC 21:32 20 Sep 2004

i am trying to upgrade from windows 98se to windows xp, i have bought a new gigabyte k7 triton motherboard, an amd athlon xp processor, i have had to buy a memory stick and a 300watt power pack. i have put it all together in a suitable case and when i switch on my computer there is an alarm that goes on and off for about 10 seconds then the computer just turns itself off, has anyone any ideas of what this could be and how i can solve it

  Night Ryder 22:21 20 Sep 2004

Be very carefull here. Have a close look at the processor and make sure it's heatsink is correctly fitted. It must be firmly seated on the processor. It's easy if your not carefull to catch one of the corners of the socket so it's not making contact with the chip. This is exactly how the system would respond under these conditions. It will sence that the processor temperature is rising too fast and switch its self off after a few warning beeps.

  Kalb 22:39 20 Sep 2004

You don't give details of the components you have attached to your mainboard...AMD Athlon CPU 2500 to 2800 draws 60 watts...a graphics card ATI Radeon 9500 draws 45 watts...optical drives about 25 watts...two stick memory another 25 watts
How did you arrive at a 300 watt power source ?
To do a proper power balance requirement go to jscustompcs.com/power_supply and see if you really have enough power for your setup

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