PC monitors have changed to a green-ish colour.

  glynnecicada 17:50 29 Dec 2014

Hi. I have a Windows 7, Intel, Packard Bell Imedia desktop PC. From it I run a monitor & a projector, on 2 different cables. To switch them over, I have to unplug 1 & plug in the other. I did this on Xmas eve, & suddenly the screen changed to a strange green-ish colour. It seems that the red colour is missing from the screen, making the green tint. Ive tried another monitor & cable but all the monitors I try have the same green tint. So it must be a PC issue. I downloaded a graphics card from the Intel website, but nothing has changed. Maybe the PC monitor output connection is broken & not producing the red colour!? Any help would be greatly welcome. Thank you. x

  Ian in Northampton 18:46 29 Dec 2014

The symptoms you describe are typical of a loose-fitting cable (or a problem with one of the cable sockets). The cable transmits red, green and blue on different channels via the connector to the cable, and if one or more of those isn;'t making proper contact, you'll see the symptoms you describe. The fact that it first happened after you'd unplugged a cable tends to confirm the diagnosis.

Btw: what do you mean by "downloaded a graphics card from the Intel web site"? Unless things have moved on a long way since I last looked, it's still not possible to have hardware delivered via the Internet...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:53 29 Dec 2014

switch off, open the box and remove and refit the graphics card and retry.

  glynnecicada 18:56 29 Dec 2014

Hi Ian. Thanx for the response. Ive been changing the cables between monitor & projector for over a year now. Ive experienced temporary discolouration before due to loose cables but not like this. Ive tried 3 different monitors with 3 different cables, & the green tint is on all of them. So its coming from the PC.

Sorry, I meant 'Graphics Driver'. A 'Graphics Media Accelerator' from the Intel website.

So, Im thinking that maybe I did damage to the PC monitor output with all the swapping between monitors!? Cheers.

  glynnecicada 18:58 29 Dec 2014

Thanx Fruit Bat. I may try the graphics card. Im not very handy with electronics. So this kinda thing scares me a bit.

  Ian in Northampton 19:27 29 Dec 2014

I have to say that, if you've been regularly swapping cables, there's every chance you've accidentally damaged the video out socket. I assume it's VGA? (rectangular, one side slightly longer than the other, ~15 pins)

  glynnecicada 19:33 29 Dec 2014

Thats right Ian. VGA. I think it may be that too. I may have damaged the 'Red Out' connection!? Ive just taken the side off to look at the graphics card, & dont know where to start. Just put it all back together again.

Is it easy to replace the VGA connector?


  Ian in Northampton 20:02 29 Dec 2014

I don't think it would be easy to replace. If you have a separate graphics card, raher than onboard graphics, you'd probably be looking at replacing it. However, if you've been downloading Intel graphics drivers, and if you only have one video port/socket on the back of your PC, I'm guessing you may have inbuilt graphics on your motherboard - which would likely be rather more costly to replace. But: if you have graphics inbuilt into the mother board, a less costly, less disruptive approach would be to buy yourself an inexpensive graphics card, thus obviating the need for your onboard graphics/socket.

  Ian in Northampton 20:03 29 Dec 2014

PS: Going that route (adding a separate graphics card) would almost certainly give you two video out sockets - so you wouldn't need to keep changing cables over... :-)

  Ian in Northampton 20:05 29 Dec 2014

Another thought... Have you closely examined the VGA port on your PC to see if you can identify a bent/broken pin?

  glynnecicada 20:21 29 Dec 2014

Thanx for the help Ian. Really appreciate it bro :)

Ive shone a light into the VGA port, looking for a bent pin, but cant see that much to be honest. Nothing stands out as being bent or broken. The holes are so small its hard to see inside.

I was hoping that replacing the VGA port would be something I could do myself. But if we're talking adding a separate graphics card, then I'd be looking into taking it to a shop. As, to be honest, I done even know what the graphics card is. Having 2 seperate outputs would be great. Its a pretty small & simple PC, with minimal outputs on the back. And yes, just a single Monitor Output. You think I should try the VGA replacement 1st before attacking the graphics card?

Thanx man.

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