PC Monitor - wrong frequency ?

  Furkin 08:27 24 Aug 2008

Just a quickie for a mate on a boat.

He's trying to set up his computer on board, but when he turns it on, on the monitor it comes up with "Wrong frequency. 85mhz"

Obviously he can't see what where or how to alter this - due to no screen.

Any ideas please ?

I don't know his set up i'm afraid apart from running XP.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:59 24 Aug 2008

Anything here? click here

  Furkin 09:47 24 Aug 2008

Cheers FB,
I'd already sent him most of that,,,, he says he hasn't got any buttons on the monitor !
I was hoping that he could alter it at boot-up, but the screen dosn't stay on long enough to press ReSet Video.

It seems that the monitor declares its-self at 37khz when con to laptop,,, but when he cons to desk-top, it gives warning about 85khz. (Arn't both of these wrong ?)

It's difficult not seeing the thing and trying to put his words over to you guys.

Am still looking,,,,,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:52 24 Aug 2008

Can he boot to safe mode? and still see the screen?

  jimv7 10:51 24 Aug 2008

Press f8 on starting the computer, choose vga mode, change the display settings and restart the puter.

  g0nvs 10:57 24 Aug 2008

Is the power coming from a generator ?

  Bris 11:38 24 Aug 2008

As fruit bat and jimv7 suggest, if he boots up in safe mode this will load a very basic set of VGA drivers which will work with any screen unless its broken. From there he can reset the frequency lower. Changing the frequency doesnt change the screen it changes the frequency that the driver within Windows sends the data out to the screen.

  DieSse 11:58 24 Aug 2008

If it's an LCD monitor, the normal refresh frequency is 60Hz (not KiloHertz).

MHz figures usually relate to overall bandwidth (that's just part of the specification)

KHz figures to the horizontal frequency (depends on the graphics card settings for resolution and refresh rate).

Hz to refresh rate (depends on the graphics card setting for refresh rate).

So follow the advice to go into safe mode, and reset the resolution and refresh rate to lower figures, then work up from there.

  Furkin 14:00 24 Aug 2008

Thanks folks - am passing the info on to him as I get it. Have repeated the F8 bit, which I told him earlier as in the link that FB pointed out.

He hasn't told me it's fixed yet,,, so I assume he's still trying,,,,

  Furkin 17:02 24 Aug 2008

Thanks all,
It seems that he followed the F8 routine, & has managed to get it running proper.

cheers on his behalf.

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