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PC monitor waking up from sleep

  monitorlizardam 19:32 07 Dec 2015

When my monitor wakes up after "sleep" it goes on and off several times before finally staying on permanently. Is the problem likely to the monitor or the graphics card in the PC. I am running W7 on an HP pavilion PC? Can anyone help?

  Terry Brown 11:28 08 Dec 2015

Personally I always shut the monitor off by the power switch when I have finished with the computer for 2 reasons, even in sleep mode it is still using a small amount of power and I believe it will help the monitor to last longer.

It could also be that while the computer is re-booting the drivers are not fully activated and this is the problem. Try turning the Computer on first, wait about 5 seconds and then turn the monitor on to see if it helps.

  monitorlizardam 16:57 08 Dec 2015

Thanks, I will try that and see if it helps. Will let you know

  monitorlizardam 19:02 08 Dec 2015

Hi Terry Brown, Sorry, but your suggestion made no difference. Any other suggestions?

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