PC / Monitor problem (revised issue)

  Johnallan 13:29 25 May 2011

Previously issued on May 20 at 11:34 now revised

I have an old Mesh pc running Windows XP (service pack 2)and newer pc with Vista. Using a 2-port Ps"/2 KVM switch I linked the two pc's to one monitor. The monitor is a HPw2408h This arrangement worked well for a couple of years. I then decided to update all drivers on the new pc and monitor resulting in not being able to switch between the two pc's. Since then in stand alone mode I have connected the old pc to a Dell monitor (2 different Dell monitors actually) but the monitor either does not respond or goes into sleep mode. The question being is the problem with the old pc and nothing to do with the driver updates or can the problem be linked to the updates? Also is there a way of checking the old pc? If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated

  wee eddie 13:50 25 May 2011

Firstly: If the Monitor was getting no signal, it would notify you.

Secondly: If you are able to update the Drivers on the new PC, Why are you running the old one on SP2 ~ it should be SP3 for Security sake if nothing else.

Thirdly: Are you connecting to the old PC directly or via the KVM Switch?

  Johnallan 14:16 25 May 2011

Thanks Wee Eddie.

The only reason I run the old pc is to run a particular programme that runs on 32bit (old pc) not 64bit (new pc)so I cannot transfer it and the upgrade is prohibitively expensive. Anyway I had not thought of updating the software / drivers and not prompted by Microsoft for example because I do not use it for the internet.

In the original configuration that worked I used the KVM switch to link the 2 pc's. When I discovered the problem I dropped the KVM switch, so when trying to get the old pc to work I tried to set it up as a stand alone pc system not via KVM switch.

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