PC monitor image problem

  A.N. 22:09 11 Feb 2004

i have a gateway2000 EV700 monitor. the image suddenly becomes compressesd and currved in bilaterally towards the centre. it comes and goes as it pleases! this started recently. it is 5 years old.
i have windows98 and a pII266 processor.
please help.

  johnnyrocker 22:12 11 Feb 2004

you have dry joints in the ease/west correction circuit on the main board of your monitor, should be a simple soldering job for any decent engineer.


  Gemma 22:21 11 Feb 2004

Sounds like pincushion distortion. At five years old there are some ageing connections in there! Next time it happens, try a GENTLE tap or two on the monitor and see if anything changes.

Some of the internal components may be showing things like dry joints or corrosion.

Do not be tempted to get inside the monitor even if it is disconnected from the mains and the PC. There are some big capacitors in there that can hold a lethal charge for a long time.

  A.N. 00:48 13 Feb 2004

thank you both, johnny and gemma for your suggestions, i will get it sorted as per your suggestions.
thanks again

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