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  Poshlad 17:43 27 Jun 2007

Hi. I have recently brought a computer (Desktop) might be the word for it. But haven’t plugged it in, because the socket(the one with the Blur bit on the end) coming out from the moniter has one of the metal pins bent down (is that suppsosed to be like that - i thought i might have to buy a new lead, but its wired into the moniter )

  Diemmess 17:52 27 Jun 2007

If you can return the monitor for replacement that is the best (and most annoying) thing to do.

No pins should be bent or sit at a peculiar angle.

If there is no oportunity to return the damaged monitor then it may be possible to straighten the bent pin with a fine pair of snipe nosed pliers.
Take great care, the pins are brittle and unless it is an unused pin, "frying pan into the fire" come to mind.

  wee eddie 19:10 27 Jun 2007

As Diemmess says, those pins are very brittle.

Your first port of call should be the Shop/Site that you bought the PC from. Ring them and politely ask for advice.

You have not said, how long you have had the PC, which may affect their reaction, but firm politeness usually wins. Whatever you do don't start quoting laws at them until you have got a totally negative response. They will know the finest jot and title and may be hoping that you don't.

Just note down: Who you have spoken to, When you spoke and What you spoke about. Then report back here. I'm sure you'll get good advice.

  Poshlad 15:10 28 Jun 2007

Thanks Diemmess, Wee Eddie.
I Brought the Computer for £10, from this lady who was emigrating to Australia

I hope this pic works out!

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  Totally-braindead 15:27 28 Jun 2007

Well you have only one choice really you have to try to bend it back into shape but if the image I'm seeing is right then the pin is not only bent over but will need straightened as well and I think it'll probably snap off. The others are right, I don't know what they make them of but its very brittle.
If you are good with a soldering iron or know someone who is you should manage to get a replacement socket from the likes of Maplin and renew it. click here I think the D sub is what you need but get someone else to confirm it.

  Diemmess 17:10 28 Jun 2007

Yes, someone has been cruel!
Assuming this is the only snag, it is beatable.

Cross yourself, because you will need your fingers to do the magic.
I'm itching by proxy to have a go at straightening it!

It looks as though the pin is bent quite sharply near the root as well as being a tad curved on what is left.

I would try with a very fine screw driver to lever and erect the base part of the pin first.

Then when it appears to be more upright and just curled I would use the slimmest pair of snipe nosed pliers you can find and try and squeeze the curled bit to straight.

Finally make it as straight as you can with minimum force staying clear of gripping the pin's root where it disappears into the plug.

If you get that far the whole plug should go in quite smoothly and not strain the damaged pin at all.

If you succeed its job done!

If it breaks, you will have a far more technical problem needing a pin-out diagram and lots of luck.

Replacing the whole lead into the monitor involves avoiding EHT voltages by a long wait (at least overnight)and hoping that you can see where to unsolder and replace each conductor from the old with the new cable.

In this case you might do better to look for another monitor.

Almost any monitor connected to this computer will show how good the rest is.

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