PC messing up "Free-View"??

  mattyc_92 16:32 26 May 2005

Hi, I have just brought at "Goodmans GDB3" for the "free-view" service.... My Ariel isn't very good (well it is, but it doesn't have good reception)

Anyways, before buying this, when I was watching TV (channels 1-5) I only had to move around the room to "muck" the reception up, but it was still very clear (just had abit of the "ghost" imaging on it)... Well, I have installed the Free-View box, and it has boosted my reception, making it PERFECT for EVERY channel from the FREE-VIEW and normal channels....

I thought "brilient".... But then, I turned my PC on to check my e-mails, and all of a sudden the reception dropped to the point of it looking like I have "streaming" a video off the internet for a 1meg BB connection on a 56k Dial-Up connection...

I have consulted the manual, but it doesn't cover this, and I also tried re-installing the box pyhsically and getting it to restart the "autotune" thing over again.... But, again, turning the computer on and it is "messed up"...

I can't move the TV and the Free-View box, as I haven't got enough room (because of this PC)...

Anyone got any ideas on how to "solve" this???

As normal, thanks in advance

  amonra 16:43 26 May 2005

I think you've got an aerial fault, the normal pictures should NOT alter when you move around the room. Sounds as though you have an indoor aerial or an outside aerial with a broken cable. If I were you I would fit a good outside aerial with double screened cable down to your TV. This would prevent any pick-up of extraneous signals from the computer and also improve your reception. Good luck.

  SEASHANTY 16:47 26 May 2005

You could try a signal booster to amplify the TV signal you are receiving from the aerial. Something similar to one of these click here
Most catalogue shops, Woolies, Wilkinsons etc stock these amplifiers. I use a couple to boost the Freeview signal as reception in this area isn't brilliant either.

  mattyc_92 16:48 26 May 2005

Thanks for the quick response....

I understand what you mean, but I know for a fact that the arial is in perfect condition (as it is around 4 years old and was an expensive, because of the make which I have forgot, arial)

The problem is that the arial is located at the back of the "loft" which is about 2 meters away from this computer.... So the computer is probably "catching and changing" the frequency for each channel??

  SEASHANTY 16:50 26 May 2005

amonra also has a point. Also are your co-ax plugs to the TV aerial actually soldered to the inner wire. Some people just have them pushed in and leave them loose which always gives a bad connection.

  mattyc_92 16:50 26 May 2005

Thanks for that.. I have been thinking of getting one of them for some time now, so I will probably get one as soon as I can.... lol

But is there any other ideas??? (even if it is a tempary solution)

  SEASHANTY 16:53 26 May 2005

Aerial in the loft isn't much good for the Freeview signal either. Freeview website says a good outdoor aerial is essential for Freeview reception. Mine doesn't work at all with the loft aerial (even with the boosters) so this is now disused. Now have an outdoor wideband aerial fitted to the chimney stack.

  mattyc_92 17:16 26 May 2005

Thanks for the info...

I will tick this as I have been given some new ideas from you and amonra

Thanks again....

  wiz-king 18:15 26 May 2005

unpluging the PC's speaker leads, I know it sounds daft but thats the most common way interference gets out of the pc. If that cures the problem then go to a radio shop and get some ferrite rings and wind the leads through the rings a couple of turns with the rings as near the computer end of the lead as you can get it.

  amonra 21:13 26 May 2005

Another suggestion is, move the aerial from its present position to anywhere else that is further away from the computer. If that is not possible, try double-screened coax cable, that MAY reduce the interaction. As wiz-king says ^ try uncoupling as many leads as you can to see where the "leakage" is coming from.

  mattyc_92 10:58 27 May 2005

Thanks guys... I have moved everything around (after about 1 hour of debating with myself how everything is still going to fit in this room) and the TV, VCR, Free-View Box, etc... is the other side of the room... This has seemed to help, but SOME channels are still like it, so I will take SEASHANTY's suggestion and buy a "Ariel Booster Adapter" today sometime....

I will post the results to this thread...

Thanks again...

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