PC Memory Installation Stopped PC Working

  Scott20 16:29 16 Apr 2013

Hi Guys

Can somebody please help me?

After doing a memory check using the crucial memory site to see which new memory would be compatible with my old Iextreme packard bell computer's 256mb, it suggested compatible memory 2 * 1gb = 2gb max. e.g. 1gb in each of the 2 slots. Bought corsair DDR PC 3200 off ebuyer made by Corsair,I know value memory bt budget's tight...

Shut down computer unplugged all connections and removed case. Found memory slots and removed 256mb and inserted 2gb as above made sure they fitted firmly etc without disturbing other components inside pc.

Running win xp home Service Pack 3, reconnected pc connections etc and pc booted up showing xplogo etc.

But then came to login window and message:

One of the files contained in the system's registry had to be recovered by use of a log or alternate copy.The recovery was successful. managed to input password but then it also close down ny Monitor as well.

Unplugged and replaced memory once again and exact same description happened.

I do not have a Win XPHOME disc or boot disc or anything of that sort.

Before removing old memory pc worked fine but obviously slow given the sise of ram was in there.

I would really appreciate a basic simple explanation/instructions to get pc working again as I am not tech savvy at all so I just do not know what to do or how to resolve this issue at all.


  tigertop2 16:40 16 Apr 2013

Suggest you replace Ram modules out one at a time to see if there is a problem with either of them.

  tigertop2 16:48 16 Apr 2013

Suggest you replace Ram modules out one at a time to see if there is a problem with either of them.

Also the advice on this link may help


  wee eddie 17:11 16 Apr 2013

Can you really expect Crucial to give you the full details of the RAM that they offer you?

You bought the wrong stuff.

Had you bought it from them, you would have got the correct stuff - Why should they cut their own throat?

  wee eddie 17:14 16 Apr 2013

p.s. They didn't tell you any lies

They just, did not give you some "crucial" details.

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