PC massive power failure and shutdown

  Nessie 12:57 29 Sep 2003

I have been on recently with the xp install problem. I had that licked but now my pc had lost power. I was back on my win 98 desktop for about 15 min when without warnibg the pc switched off and the monitor went into standby. I was in the case and I took out the battery and reset the BIOS to default which sorted out my previous problem. There is no power at all. If I take out the power cable and reconnect it I get a 1/2 second of the hd light coming on and that is it. It definately is not the psu as I have tested that. I presume it is the mobo. What puzzles me is why the pc worked for 20 min and then gave up as if it was me when in case with static the mobo would have gone on power up. Any thoughts would be great. I have had 2 years of doing all my own pc work with no problems and now all this what joy. Thanks

  vaughan007 13:48 29 Sep 2003

Sounds like your mobo to me too. Not sure why you are so confused about it working for 20 mins and then going (?). Although things often go on power up due to the greatest 'pressure' being placed on the components when the computer is first switched on, it is of course possible for electronic components to go at any time.

  graham√ 13:56 29 Sep 2003

I seem to remember the best way is to unplug/take out everything but, say, the hard drive, power up and see what happens. Then power down and plug the next thing in. Repeat until the guilty party is found.

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