Pc making loud revving like noises, video link inside and details on problem

  smartiekid 14:09 29 Jul 2013

So around 6 months ago my Computer had started making strange noises, it was kind of like a rattling noise and i thought the bearing in my old PSU had gone

I checked to see if the PSU was the problem, so i put a pen inbetween the PSU's fan and stopped the fan moving while the computer ran, everytime i did this, i didn't hear the noise again

So i bought a new one and it still made the same noise.. i thought it might be my old rusty case rattling when the fan was on.. so i again bought a new case

I had this new case and psu for around 4 months and the problem still didn't go away... So just today my new purchase came in, i thought this time id spend more and get a good PSU and so i bought a corsair PSU

I expected no noise because its a good brand.. but the noise still happened.. im running out of ideas of what this could be.. and quite frankly the cost of constantly buying new PSU's is getting a bit of an annoyance when i could have spent this money on other things

I've thought it could be other things like the cooler fan, or a case fan.. but why would the sound stop when i put a pen between the PSU fan

anyway here is the video of the noise in question

click here really hope someone has some insight because this problem has been constant 6 months and it's really making me want to just throw away the PC i've spent so much money and time on

P.S on the video, the first noise isn't the loud noise, when i bang the computer it makes the loud revving noise, this revving noise happens when i start up and the only way to fix it is to bang the case several times, or turn it off and on till i get lucky..


  Nontek 14:19 29 Jul 2013

Don't think it is the PSU, check any other fans inside case, like CPU for instance and possibly one on Graphics card.

It could also be a case of your hard drive being on its last legs - I hope you have everything important backed up to an external drive.

  Nontek 14:21 29 Jul 2013

BTW - not very smart to tinker with internals of PSU!! Seriously, could result in serious injury or even death.

  smartiekid 14:21 29 Jul 2013

I dont my harddrive backed up, and my current hardrive has the windows system installed on it, so it that messes up, i lose my windows too. which means im going to have buy a copy of windows.. theres more money gone :(

  varindia 14:48 29 Jul 2013

You have to do some system clean ups and if required format it to free your computer from creating extra sounds and improve the slow processing.

  Nontek 15:23 29 Jul 2013

First priority is to back up your hard drive using Acronis or one of the similar but free applications, just Google for a download. Save your backup to an external drive, then you can concentrate on fixing the PC - might need a new hard drive!

  bumpkin 15:35 29 Jul 2013

A cable touching a fan?

  northumbria61 15:44 29 Jul 2013

A cable touching a fan? Quite possible but thought you would have eliminated that by now.

  northumbria61 15:54 29 Jul 2013

the only way to fix it is to bang the case several times

bumpkin - I can understand your frustration but banging the case isn't the way I would go about resolving this - if it is something loose it can only make things worse. I have listened to your video but it doesn't give much of a clue.

As Nontek advises DO NOT put any objects into the PSU whether to stop the fan or not - it is dangerous!

Also as Nontek advises - I would back up your hard drive just in case it is failing - before and not after it fails.

  bumpkin 16:24 29 Jul 2013

northumbria, This is not my posting! posted by smartiekid:-)

  northumbria61 16:26 29 Jul 2013

bumpkin - sorry - should have gone to Spec Savers!

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