PC makes noise like an automatic weapon

  Teasle 17:30 10 Feb 2006

Please could some kind person give me some advice?
Today my machine has completely frozen several times and at the same time makes a noise like a semi-automatic or soemthing very stuck and very unhappy. I can't do anything - not even ctrl alt del. I have run several spyware progams and Reg Mech. to repair the registry after it has done this. The repairs have been done to the cachepath/ temp internet files/cache1, 2, 3 and 4.
My pc had been freezing a lot yesterday so last night I did a restore, now I'm not only getting the freezing but the awful noise too.
I use W98se.

  Fingees 17:37 10 Feb 2006

Does the noise originate from the speakers or the computer.
That might help someone to diagnose

  Teasle 17:40 10 Feb 2006

The speakers I'm sure.

  HXP 17:42 10 Feb 2006

Sometimes the floppy drive can sound very much like that ?

Can you see Floppy light come on ?

Is there a CD/DVD in any of the drives same thing if a warped CD in the drive.

It has to be a mechanical noise so could be a wire on internal cooling fan blades ?

I would take the case off the machine and try and ' see ' where the noise is coming from - just don't touch anything in the case with power on.


  Teasle 17:55 10 Feb 2006

Thank you guys.
I'm sure the floppy disk light didn't come on and there is no disk in the drive but I do have a CD rom in one of the other drives so maybe that is what is making the noise.

But I still have a major problem with the freezing though, don't I? At times every 10 minutes or so.

  woodchip 17:58 10 Feb 2006

If the CD light is on all the time it will not let you do anything, try restart computer and remove the disc as it starts

  HazyB 17:59 10 Feb 2006

It could be your processor fan which has failed/or is failing. We had the same problem with a computer at work, especially with it freezing, but the sound was more like a racetrack!

  Teasle 18:34 10 Feb 2006

It just did it again and there was no light on on the disk drives but I was playing some music (mp3 files strored on my pc) through jetaudio at the time and I think the noise is the music getting stuck. Sorry if I misled you in my earlier threads. I do play my music a lot during the day but I didn't think it was every time it got stuck - but maybe it was.

But has this got anything to do with the temp internet files/cache1,2 etc repair messages?

  HXP 18:02 12 Feb 2006

For mp3's try winamp instead of jetaudio and see if freezing still happens - could be jet audio that is causing probs ?

  grw 18:09 12 Feb 2006

teasle,My pc sounded like a jumbo jet taking off and software slowed up. I discovered the tower was heavy with dust. After killing the mains supply, open case and gently vacuum out case and fans (dont disturb hardware) . It made a big

  clock 20:42 12 Feb 2006

As grw, - my PC sounds like a machine gun sometimes on start up, so I inspected the fans at the back of the tower. Covered in dust! Have arranged with my supplier to take it in and have new ones fitted, at a small charge.

Also notice on start up that CPU heat is 90C/195F at times but not consistent with the awful noise being present. Bit worrying though!

Be interesting to hear how you go on...


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