PC Maintenance

  surfer47 16:21 17 Oct 2011

A local IT repair man has offered me a deal to keep my home PC running smoothly. For £7.50 per calendar month he will remotely access my PC and and keep it clear from nasties e.g. viruses. I have been using him for some years and he is reliable and does a good job. Does anyone have a view on this? I would be happy to have some views. Regards

  chub_tor 16:43 17 Oct 2011

You don't need to spend £90 per year (plus VAT?) to keep you PC free from viruses and malware. It can be done by you for free if you are willing to spend a few minutes each week doing it yourself. For continuous on-line monitoring download and install Microsoft Security Essentials then once a week take an hour or so to run CCleaner and Malwarebytes (easily found on Google). Once a month run a disk defragmenter (there is one built into all versions of Windows. Finally stay away from download sites where malware may be found. You could also install WOT that will advise you if a site is likely to be "dodgy".

  wee eddie 17:00 17 Oct 2011

If you trust him and he provides all the software and that is your only cost, I can see no reason why this is not such a bad idea.

I don't value my own time as I have plenty to spare, but for someone with a busy life and little desire to get involved with the Ins & Outs of a PC, this seems to be a reasonable deal. Especially if he also keeps the Malware, Adware, Trojans and Cookies in order and runs the occasional Defrag for you.

  tullie 19:43 17 Oct 2011

I agree with Chub_tor

  wee eddie 21:06 17 Oct 2011

It's a bit like Car Servicing ~ I leave it to the Garage Mechanic who I trust although, I must admit, I haven't taken out a Service Contract with him.

However, if you have the time available, these jobs can be done with little knowledge, using free software.

If you wish to know what the most suitable free Software are, just keep an eye on this Forum. There are as many opinions as there are Threads, as to which are the best products, but there are really only two, or three, in each category.

There are a number of Fake Security Programs that Spammers, both on the Internet and Telephone, will offer you which will cause you no end of grief so beware and don't necessarily believe that just because you have to pay, it must do the job.

  mobing 10:06 18 Oct 2011

agree ! you'd better do the job yourself if possible ,not just for the money ,but also get some experience ,that will be helpful in using the PC!

  sunnystaines 10:27 18 Oct 2011

plenty of free programs will do this for you.

for spyware i use spyware blaster,SAS,MBAM.

for cleanup of junk ccleaner

registry & defrag of registry winaso

hard drive either windows defrag &chkdsk or one of many 3rd party defrag options i use jk defrag

also use an all round maintence program called advanced windows care from iobit

all above free downloads

  KGruleall 03:37 24 Oct 2011

Agree with Chub_tor. There are tons of freeware that you can use to maintain your pc, and it is not a hard job! Lately I discovered some new stuff called "Jet Clean" and "Jet Boost". They are the kind of tool that helps you keep your PC fast and clean. You can try it or any other tools you like!

  lotvic 11:43 24 Oct 2011

Hope he is reliable and trustworthy as he will have access to all your files and information that you have on your pc... Do you want to share that info... How will you know he isn't looking at/copying stuff you want to keep private.

  surfer47 11:48 24 Oct 2011

Thank you averybody for all that useful advice. I think I will have a go at doing it myself. Regards

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